Noise Control Consulting Report

$500.00 CAD

Active Noise Masking Consulting

We can help you and your noisy room or venue with our active noise masking consultation.


Noise Control Consulting

Noise control or ‘masking’ is the science of reducing unwanted sounds and noise from an outdoor area, a room or venue. Most people do not even know they need it. Noise from traffic, machines, crowded rooms are called background noise. But if properly treated, they can be reduced and in doing so, reduce stress and increase productivity.

Most effected venues are:

  • classrooms and meeting rooms
  • busy offices
  • call centres
  • industrial centres
  • stores
  • cafes and restaurants
  • parks and outdoor cafes
  • waiting rooms
  • hospitals

When an environment is not properly treated, noise can amplify itself by reflecting off walls, glass and furniture. To avoid spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on changing the physical space, we can install electronic or passive technology to help with reducing the noise.

Included in price:

When you purchase this service online, we will call to arrange a meeting date, take the necessary measurements with our test equipment and them supply you with a report detailing what systems and equipment you will need to purchase separately to improve you space. Travel time and travel expenses may be added to the price.


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