Renewable Energy Consulting

$75.00 CAD

Renewable energy consulting and solutions. Hourly rate. First hour is pre-paid to book. Travel expenses may apply.


What is Renewable Consulting?

The news tells us that wee need to change, but we don’t need to be told that. More and more every day we can see the air, the sky, the water, and the land is being abused by humans. So now we need to change our way of thinking and this is what Renewable Consulting is all about .  This is what we do. We make the most of renewable energy. Want to offset your electric bill? Need to make your environment more secure? Want to do more than just light a room? There are so many things that we  can do with renewable resources. From pumping water to heating and cooling it. How about watering the lawn or turning those umbrellas in the back yard? How about acoustic treatment of environmental noise? Micro-hydro systems? Self-contained greenhouses? Self-contained electric bike or vehicle charging stations? WiFi, internet, and LAN back-up systems? Two way radio systems? Systems Solar has ideas for making your life better and you likely didn’t even know it was possible.

Systems Solar – Smart, Renewable, Solutions

Systems Solar is an innovator, we have worked with some of the largest solar and wind energy companies in the world. From design to education. We have developed power strategies and systems of all sizes. For individuals, for cooperatives, and for businesses. All have a special need when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint. One thing for certain, we design for you, not for what we want to sell you. In fact, we encourage sourcing products from different sources. We can even prepare a tender for your system so you can get the best price for it all to be delivered, installed, and independently tested. We can make your greening experience count. We want you to get every ounce of sunshine and wind to do its part in making the world cleaner.

We can provide you with an initial consultation that will take one hour. From there, we can estimate the system or systems that will fit your budget. This is what we do.



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