Smart. Renewable. Solutions.

Systems Solar is on a mission to provide consumers and businesses with solutions that will reduce our carbon footprint and reduce waste in everyday life. Nothing should come out of a box. Packaging is waste. We should look for solutions that have a lasting effect on saving energy. In fact, we are so dedicated to the reduction of wasted energy we also provide acoustical solutions to improve productivity and stress reduction in both the home and workplace. We also believe in repair of equipment and systems as the amount of electronics goods thrown away is ridiculous. We want a planet with air that we can breath and water we can drink.

From large businesses and factories to cottages and trailers, we develop dedicated solutions to reduce costs, improve health and safety, increase security, reduce stressful noise levels, aid in self-dependency in a disaster, and much much more.

Systems solar provides not only services for solar energy, we also have decades of experience in low voltage service that includes technical services for audio, visual, computer, and even e-bikes. Our IT experience is also available for web, SEO, hosting, and e-commerce management.

Visit our shop for goods and services we provide or visit our Contact page  to tell us what your plans are to make the world a better place by using solar for you, your family and friends, and our global community.

Want to  spread the word of how to improve the quality of life and protect the environment? Why not arrange a workshop for your business, organization, or health awareness group. We have a series of workshops available to meet any level of understanding.

Martin Huhn

Owner, Systems Solar