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A Little SSL

We have completed our server upgrades and now have secured our site with SSL. This means our site cannot be hijacked by criminals. The SSL certificate means the location of the site, and the data shared with it, is secure. 

You will now see a lock, or a green indicator in the search bar above. This says the site is using the “https://“ protocol and it is the industry standard for security.

Now you can safely shop and communicate on our site! It’s a good day to go solar!

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BC Aviation Council Membership

We’ve joined the BC Aviation Council!

Systems Solar got its start in solar power when the owner Martin earned a RCAC scholarship to train as glider pilot when he was 16 years old.

Glider pilots know all too well the challenges of staying aloft without an engine. It has to do with knowing winds and thermals! Just like solar power, position of the equipment is 90 percent of the process. the other 10%… it’s skill and sweat!

With aviation in mind, Systems Solar is proud to announce its membership in the BCAC. The British Columbia Aviation Council has the following objectives:

An aviation and aerospace industry that is visible, connected and thriving.

To promote, stimulate and encourage the development, growth and advancement of aviation and aerospace in British Columbia.

Well, there you go. Just like our love of flying, solar devices only work when they are connected!

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Good bye to a long time acquaintance

Well, change is constant. So is being a consultant. A job that never ends with your formal education. You have to be ahead of the game constantly. Some things grow and keep growing, others grow and fall to leave nutrients for new growth. And having grown up on the west coast of Canada, I saw that every time I walked in the forest. With this analogy in mind, I made an important decision recently. I went into business on my own in 1992. It seems like a long time, and by right, it is a long time. Shortly after I started my service and design company AXL technical I got the internet domain name for it. At the time there wasn’t a CMS anywhere to be found so HTML 1.0 was all I had to develop the site. As my business grew so did my site. At one time, the most popular download was one hour of SMPTE time code in a WAV file. People were downloading it by the thousands. It never really helped the business but it was nice to help out those folks that couldn’t afford a TC generator.

So fast forward to 2002. I found myself off to a foreign land to work in media. AXL technical was still alive but not as it was for its ten years of service. I maintained the domain and updated it occasionally. I used the email address for what seems centuries however it slowly became the target of very old spam lists and more recently with all the hacking going on, I would get emails that tell me I got hacked. On an email address I stopped using 15 years ago! Anyhow, upon my return to Canada I decided to combine my aviation skills, my low voltage systems design skills and my love of nature to rebrand myself as Systems Solar. We need people my set of skills… with the knowledge of wind and solar to use it as energy efficiently as possible.

So in doing so, I had to think of how my time is spent. If I am going to make this new business direction viable, I decided to close down the old AXL technical site. AXL was an acronym for Audio eXperimentation Labs. Not what many thought, especially to Mr. Rose’s fanbase. So after 27 years, I’m letting the site go… but not the dedication to service that I have always given my clients, students, and staff. Systems Solar will continue to carry the torch I lit way back in the 80’s when I felt that the turn to ‘throw away’ technology was wrong. I had a motto that now has an amendment: Reuse, Repurpose, Repair… and Renewable.

Systems Solar is available to deal with your solar energy design needs, solar powered systems low voltage backup, systems technical troubleshooting, and audio based consulting that includes noise abatement and acoustics.

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Moving Forward

Well the websites are being streamlined and in the next few weeks there will be many changes. We are upgrading to SSL so the sites will be secure for our e-commerce systems.

The content will be the same, however there will be new features and products available.

So there you have it. Change is what it is!

Systems Solar

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Systems Solar now member of CanSIA

We are now members of the Canadian Solar Industries Association or better known as CanSIA. The goals of every company working to reduce the use of fossil fuels is a company with a mission. A mission to save the environment. Since Systems Solar’s goal is to get the most out of these systems it was time to join and show our support for the industry and to ensure our ideas are shared with other companies that will utilize our products and services.

You can find the association at:

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Carbon Monoxide and Climate Change

There’s a lot of talk about rising levels of carbon dioxide these days. So let’s take a quick look at its deadly cousin.

One of the most prominent factors that no one seems to be talking about in climate change is the incredible increase of carbon monoxide (CO) and decrease of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere in recent years.

Recent studies have found that our atmosphere has the highest amount of carbon monoxide levels in the last 800,000 years and averaging around 411 Parts per Million (ppm). Three years ago, the average levels were 208 ppm, which equates to a 68% increase in just a mere three years. This increase has been documented in the past, however it would taken over 250 years to change this much.

Before 1990, CO levels increased an average of a 0.5% or less increase per year. Since 1990 the average annual rise is 2% or higher. This means that since 1990 there has been more than a 56% increase in carbon monoxide levels.

Next time you consider burning, which is pretty much anything, please remember the carbon monoxide it produces. This can be your vehicle, a woodstove fire, or even electricity that is generated by coal, oil, or natural gas.

Alternative products are renewable technologies like wind and solar panel electric as well as hydrogen fuelled catalytic convertors that produce water as a by-product.

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Did You Know

Did you know that renewable energy for your home is more than solar panels?

Did you know that solar heating works in subzero weather?

Did you know that wind turbines are solar powered?

Did you know that there are hydroelectric generators that fit in the palm of your hand?

Do you know to call Systems Solar at +1-604-354-7881?

Now you know!

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Saving with Solar

We have to start saving with solar.

There is a need to educate society in the ways of reducing our destruction of the planet. We cannot continue to dig and pump up fossil fuels to power our society. Given the fact that we reject nearly 60 percent of the energy to produce what we use is just downright reckless.

We have to start to utilize a more wholistic approach to our energy use. For example, waste heat recovery, emissions recovery and so forth.

The chart below from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory shows how much energy is rejected in the USA. It is terrible to see how we as an advanced species to allow this much energy (aka HEAT) to be sent off into oceans, lakes and the atmosphere.

rejected energy chart
rejected energy chart

The chart clearly shows that we, based on these US figures, are not doing it correctly. Transportation and electrical generation wastes such a great deal of energy. There are obvious ways to reduce these numbers and this is what we do at Systems Solar. We look at your consumption and find ways to reduce the wasted or rejected energy in your home or business. When we consult, we can offer ways to reduce loss, reduce usage, or how to produce energy to reduce your overall costs of energy.


Remember, it is more than just a ‘log’ that you burn, it is also the energy required to feed the person who chopped the tree, it is also the fuel to move it and so forth!

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What is in a logo?

We released our company logo a short while ago. It is simple and succinct. Not to much flash and basic black & white. Our logo says a lot more than meets the eye.

black and white: When it comes to saving our environment there is no grey area there. We must make every effort to save our ecosystem. It also represents night and day. What we deal with in our solutions.

the circle: The circle besides its mathematical meaning can also denote unity, oneness, and completion. Additionally a circle with a dot in the centre is the astronomical symbol for the sun.

the mobius strip: The mobius strip means infinity. The sun gives us an endless supply of energy. Energy to grow, to create oxygen from photosynthesis. It is an endless supply of life-giving force. The mobius also looks like a propeller, and in doing so, it denotes our work with wind turbines as part of our solar solutions.

the lightning bolt: The lightning bolt denotes the power we harness from the sun and the energy we use. It also symbolizes strength and conviction of our organization.