SSD Upgrade Service

$200.00 CAD

How about upgrading to a SSD drive so you can turn minutes into seconds without having to buy a new notebook.


Want an SSD upgrade your notebook and make it into a faster than lighting unit?

How about upgrading to a SSD drive. SSD is an acronym for Solid State Drive and this replaces a rotary mechanical physical (HDD) disk. This means faster loading, disk access time, and a quieter machine. So you can turn minutes into seconds without having to buy a new notebook.

This service includes:

  • Free local pick up and delivery in the Comox Valley.
  • HDD virus check and clone to customer supplied SDD.
  • Installation of SDD and testing into laptop.
  • Return of old HDD. HDD can be used as a backup drive with an optional cable.

The service does not include:

  • Supply of SSD (we can arrange to buy one for you however this service does not include hardware.)
  • Delivery to and from our location outside the Comox Valley. Shipping and insurance is responsibility of the customer.
  • Errors that are on the original disk.

Additional service will be charged at our shop rate. We will never surprise you with a bigger bill. We always call if there are additional problems or charges. The clone and mounting process takes 24 hours so please remember that you will not have your laptop for at least a day.  Oh, and don’t worry, you are not being charged shop time for that! 🙂

Note: It is recommended that the SSD not exceed 2TB for most notebooks.