TOSLINK Digital Analogue Audio Converter

$19.00 CAD

TOSLINK Digital to Analogue Audio Converter for Smart TV’s to home stereo systems interconnection.


Want to hear your smart TV on your great home stereo? Found out that it doesn’t have the proper output? Using the headphone output stops the TV’s speakers from working so the won’t be good. So how about buying this TOSLINK converter and solving your problems immediately. So if you want to listen to “Netflix” or “YouTube” with the same sound quality as your DVD’s this unit is just for you.

The TOSLINK converter takes the TV’s digital optical output and changes it to an RCA (phono) connector that fits the back of your home stereo. There you go, you can listen to the TV’s speakers or turn on the home surround system and let the sound wash over you!

The TOSLINK comes with an optical cable, and a USB power cable. This cable pugs into the TV’s USB port so there is no need for yet another power cord and adaptor to deal with. All you need is a stereo RCA cable to run from the convertor to the receiver/amplifier.

Not sure about installing it yourself? We have staff available to install the system if you live in Qualicum Beach or Campbell River and all points in between. Just give us a call to set up an appointment.