AXL technical – Acoustical Room Testing and Report

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Acoustical room testing and report.

This test will look at the acoustical problems with a room (space).


Acoustical Room Testing and Report

piano and mic
piano and reference microphone

This test will look at the acoustical problems with a room (space) that has too much echo and or is uncomfortable to be in when it is occupied. These problems are caused by surfaces reflecting sounds in directions that can cause severe problems with hearing other people or the performance. In many cases, simple treatments can be made to correct these problems.





Places that can have acoustical room testing are:

  • restaurants, bars, and pubs. Noise reduces the ability for people to talk. conversely, a ‘dead’ room will make people less social. A good mix of levity and privacy is best.
  • offices and workspaces. Offices need privacy for phone conversations and much less noise from computers and other equipment. All the ‘noises’ add to stress and stress equals lower productivity.
  • classrooms and presentation areas. Sound doesn’t have to be a two way street. When the presenter speaks, the audience listens. If the audience talks, it doesn’t disturb the presenter. This is possible!
  • Other areas. Kitchens, wash racks, automotive shops, churches, playrooms all have their own signature. Even your living room and TV may need a tweak!

The acoustical room testing includes:

  • paper analysis of the space. We take the measurements and do a simulation of the space in question.
  • realtime testing of the space. We record the room with special tones and process them later.
  • Report. We report the findings to you with a list of possible solutions.
  • The client can then choose the course of action as they desire. AXL can do the work or, they can find a contractor to do the work.

The test does not include:

  • Cost of treatment
  • Travel expenses outside of the Comox Valley


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