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Cox & McRae Concert in Grand Forks

On April 15th 2023 at 7PM, Systems Solar is proud to be part of the Cox & McRae concert being held at the Masonic Hall (366 Market Ave.) in Grand Forks. The Cox & McRae concert tour is to promote their new CD and will make a well appreciated stop in the quaint city of Grand Forks.

The duo of Doug Cox and Linda McRae require no introduction in the entertainment industry but for the rest of us, we may know that Linda was a member of the Canadian musical sensation Spirit of the West as singer, and accordionist while Doug, being a slide guitar virtuoso in his own right, played on some of the greatest folk and country music recordings.

Both Cox & McRae spend their time between the West Coast of Canada and Nashville, Tennessee. It is a pleasure that Systems Solar is taking part of the show by handling online ticket sales*. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here, and for more information about the show please visit the Cox&McRae website.

  • Purchases will show on your CC Statement as SYSTEMS SOLAR.