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What is in a logo?

We released our company logo a short while ago. It is simple and succinct. Not to much flash and basic black & white. Our logo says a lot more than meets the eye.

black and white: When it comes to saving our environment there is no grey area there. We must make every effort to save our ecosystem. It also represents night and day. What we deal with in our solutions.

the circle: The circle besides its mathematical meaning can also denote unity, oneness, and completion. Additionally a circle with a dot in the centre is the astronomical symbol for the sun.

the mobius strip: The mobius strip means infinity. The sun gives us an endless supply of energy. Energy to grow, to create oxygen from photosynthesis. It is an endless supply of life-giving force. The mobius also looks like a propeller, and in doing so, it denotes our work with wind turbines as part of our solar solutions.

the lightning bolt: The lightning bolt denotes the power we harness from the sun and the energy we use. It also symbolizes strength and conviction of our organization.

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Business Opportunity


This year has been fast paced and chock full of new projects and collaborations. Now, we are ready to find dealers across Canada for our e-bikes and e-scooter division:

We have our online store set-up and we can process orders. We are now looking for retailers (Canada only) that are interested in joining our plan to reduce fossil fuel emissions and to sell green transportation.  This is a budding market and the sector is wide open. We have worked with an international manufacturer to build our bikes to our exacting standards.

The good news for you as a dealer, is that we may offer an exclusivity deal for your entire province. Sound tempting? The initial investment is reasonable and since the business model is e-commerce and sold via your website, you may not even need a storefront. You will just have to set up and deliver the product.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer and would like to know more about our dealership plan,  please send us a message via our contact page or call the phone number listed there.

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We’re alive!

Just a few more weeks and we’re fully online! The business has been legally formed and we’re good to go officially as Systems Solar! 

Here’s our logo! 

The logo is comprised of three elements. The circle represents the sun. The möbius represents renewable and infinite use of the sun. Finally the lightning bolt signifies electrical power.