Passive Noise Masking

$250.00 CAD

Passive noise masking is the art and science of making a room or venue sound as it should for its use.


Passive noise masking is possibly more art than science. AXL technical has been the artist behind many venues around the world. From 5 star restaurants to large-scale call centres.

Every room has a sound signature. This may seem abstract, however, to ensure that this signature is appropriate, passive masking can be used to make a dull room bright, or a boomy reverberant room quiet and crisp. As you can see, even the terminology to describe a room’s acoustics is more like talking about art.  So passive noise masking takes many products, angles, and surfaces and changes them to soften or brighten the room.  The magic really occurs when we hid the treatment within the design of the room. We want our masking to be invisible.

Our services is hourly. For the initial consultation it is one hour pre-paid and then a flat fee will be determined once the initial consult is completed.


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