Garden Lighting Consultation

$1,800.00 CAD

Garden Lighting Consultation

Evaluate and design garden lighting using a solar powered lighting system.


Garden Lighting Consultation

What makes a garden beautiful? It is the colours and texture of the flora it contains. We at garden Designer CA have developed a way to add to your garden with garden lighting. We can add subtle enhancements or go even grander with a palatial feel if you like. No two gardens are the same and we don’t even share photos of the gardens we have done to ensure that your garden will remain your garden. Use of solar power and low power energy efficient LED light fixtures, we can make your garden turn to magic at night. We can even include a water feature in the design if you like. All can run off the solar power system as well.

The fee includes the assessment of your garden and a written plan and budget. If you accept the budget, we can also complete for you at the budgeted price.


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