Exterior Ambient Noise Analysis

$800.00 $400.00 CAD

Ambient Noise Analysis

Analysis of ambient noise in an outdoor setting.


Exterior Ambient Noise Analysis

This analysis will investigate ambient noise problems in an outdoor location. Traffic noise, noise from air conditioning units, loud neighbours can be detrimental to you enjoying your back yard. In some cases it may even stop you from opening a window for some fresh air.

These problems are caused by sound travelling horizontally unimpeded from all directions. In most cases, a few simple treatments can be made to correct these noise problems. The treatments may be active (electronic) or passive (mechanical) which could be devices that would fit into the landscape design of the garden. For example, a specially designed water fountain or fencing. Or a solar powered device that hides some of the sound. Each and every solution is custom designed to match with your budget and landscaping vision.

The test includes:

  • Realtime testing of the outdoor space. We noise impulses at different times of the day and process them back at the office.
  • Report. We will prepare a report of the findings for you and it includes a list of possible solutions and the costs.

The test does not include:

  • treatments or products required.
  • travel expenses beyond the Comox Valley.


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