AXL technical – Audio Workshop

$500.00 CAD

AXL technical Audio Workshops

A variety of audio workshops for professional and non-professionals working with audio systems.


Audio Workshop

Want to learn how audio systems work with an audio workshop? How to do live sound? How to record audio properly and make your own music demos? There are so many choices.

We have a number of audio workshops available. Get a group of people together and save money on one to one lessons.

School bands, volunteer organizations, youth training groups can all benefit from this type of workshop.

The workshops can be tailored to your needs. We can offer the following:

  • Sound recording basics (understanding the levels and basic terminology in audio recording software) 6 hours
  • Live sound reinforcement (how to stop that feedback and make the emcee heard. (excellent for churches and school bands) 6 hours
  • Introduction to psychoacoustics (how to improve a space to be more conducive to education, meditation, and performance) 2 hours
  • Careers in Audio (a favourite for school fairs and training events) 1 hour
  • Sound for Worship (how to get the best audio out of your sound system) 6 hour.

All workshops are available for booking. An advance booking is required to plan a date. These workshops range in time from 2 hours to 6 hours. Travel time and expenses will be charged accordingly.  Each workshop includes handouts or links to additional information.



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