AXL technical – Acoustic Consulting

$75.00 CAD

Acoustical design and consulting. Hourly rate. First hour is pre-paid to book. Travel expenses may apply.


Tired of noise? Tired of fatigue? Did you know these are related? You need to hire us to create your perfect space that is acoustically perfect. No more fatigue from echos and reflections of sounds. Just a perfect living space.

Noise and poor acoustics in a room are the foremost cause of fatigue in humans. When a room is poorly designed for acoustics it has a detrimental effect on comprehension, and well being.

Acoustics is not just for studios and theatres. Bring aural comfort to your home or business today. We can design and create a solution for you, or we can give solid advice from our years of experience to make your space resonate with your life.

Our consulting fee is hourly. First hour is pre-paid to book the appointment. Travel expenses may apply.



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