Things that Go E!

Mobility products and services. You can now travel around your neighbourhood to run your errands or visit friends and neighbours without getting all tired and sweaty. E-bikes and scooters are the way to go as once you buy them, you just have to plug them in for a few hours to recharge. Just pennies will take you all over. No insurance, no gas, no worries. Just a bicycle helmet and off you go! Things that go E is your one stop for online purchase of you new e-bike. Have a look at our units! We have designed our bikes and have them built by a major international manufacturer. We tried and tested each of the units to ensure quality and price. We balanced weight and power along with distance and came up with these beautiful bikes and scooter. We could offer options and other accessories, but we know that our basic models are designed with modification in mine so you can customize your bike your way!

From e-Bikes to solar charging stations, Things That Go E has a solution for you. Not just an bike, but also an off-grid charging system that can charge your e-bike while away from the city lights and wall plugs!

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