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Easter Holiday Hours

It is Good Friday and we are closed. We will reopen on Tuesday April 23. Most of our clients honour both Friday and Monday as days off for Easter so we will get some server and other background work done during this time.

Any work, email, or requests will be responded on Tuesday morning. As always, 27/7 emergency service is always available at the premium rate.

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Moving Forward

Well the websites are being streamlined and in the next few weeks there will be many changes. We are upgrading to SSL so the sites will be secure for our e-commerce systems.

The content will be the same, however there will be new features and products available.

So there you have it. Change is what it is!

Systems Solar

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Systems Solar now member of CanSIA

We are now members of the Canadian Solar Industries Association or better known as CanSIA. The goals of every company working to reduce the use of fossil fuels is a company with a mission. A mission to save the environment. Since Systems Solar’s goal is to get the most out of these systems it was time to join and show our support for the industry and to ensure our ideas are shared with other companies that will utilize our products and services.

You can find the association at:

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Carbon Monoxide and Climate Change

There’s a lot of talk about rising levels of carbon dioxide these days. So let’s take a quick look at its deadly cousin.

One of the most prominent factors that no one seems to be talking about in climate change is the incredible increase of carbon monoxide (CO) and decrease of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere in recent years.

Recent studies have found that our atmosphere has the highest amount of carbon monoxide levels in the last 800,000 years and averaging around 411 Parts per Million (ppm). Three years ago, the average levels were 208 ppm, which equates to a 68% increase in just a mere three years. This increase has been documented in the past, however it would taken over 250 years to change this much.

Before 1990, CO levels increased an average of a 0.5% or less increase per year. Since 1990 the average annual rise is 2% or higher. This means that since 1990 there has been more than a 56% increase in carbon monoxide levels.

Next time you consider burning, which is pretty much anything, please remember the carbon monoxide it produces. This can be your vehicle, a woodstove fire, or even electricity that is generated by coal, oil, or natural gas.

Alternative products are renewable technologies like wind and solar panel electric as well as hydrogen fuelled catalytic convertors that produce water as a by-product.

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E-Bike Service

Systems Solar is proud to announce that with its investigation into electric assist bikes (aka e-bikes) we now can provide service on them.

Albeit some system components are not repairable, there are many parts that some shops just swap out although there may be a simple issue with it. At Systems Solar we hope to see our environment by repairing things as opposed to just throwing them out.

We offer this service in our local area and can even pick up and return the bike to you of needed. Our rates are reasonable as well and please check out our shop for more details.