If you are here, you must care about the environment we live in. Systems Solar cares for the environment as well. We have been focused on repair, reuse, and renewable energy solutions long before the renewables industry existed. Our goal is to provide both a positive and supportive experience along with ecologically viable products and services to our valued customers.

What makes us different is there fact that we create a solution. Sure, the parts we use are mostly off the shelf, but each and every design is custom made to suit the customer. Budget, effect, originality are all considered when we design our systems. Why look like everyone else? Your homes and gardens are your statement to the world around you. Why not take the time to ensure the world remains healthy and sustainable? We care about the future of the earth however, we also know here at Systems Solar that we can enjoy security, beauty and individuality without destroying everything in our path.


We have four main areas of expertise that we are promoting here. You can use the menu above or use the links below to go directly to each of the specialized areas we serve. All are under the umbrella of Systems-Solar.com to save on duplication of services. In other words, we like to conserve energy when we can.

Systems Solar uses the products it sells and is constantly reducing its own carbon footprint. We now use our own product, the RED eScooter, for our local work whenever we can. This reduces the use of fossil fuel and we all know that is a good thing. We hope we can bring this greener life to you as well. An electric scooter charges in a few hours and uses pennies of electricity to do so.

From large businesses and factories to cottages and trailers, we can develop a dedicated solution to reduce costs, improve health and safety, increase security, reduce stressful noise, aid in self-dependency in a disaster, and so on. As you’ re starting to see see, Systems Solar can benefit every aspect of our lives.


Systems-Solar.com is our complete line of renewable and reduced energy products and solutions.

From simply changing over to LED lighting a customer can save up to 85% in lighting power costs. Solar powered emergency lighting systems can keep you and your loved ones safe from falls in the event of a power outage. The benefits are countless.

ThingsThatGoE.com is our line of eBike, eScooter, and solar charging system products.

Electric Assist Bicycles are regular bicycles that have a smart electric motor designed into them. You can ride it as a bike or select your level of assist. When you start to exert more force on the pedals, the bikes ‘brain’ automatically turns on the motor to help you along.

An electric scooter has pedals, however it is used much like a real scooter. It is an excellent form of neighbourhood transportation. What’s really nice is the fact that these motorized bikes and scooters do not need automobile insurance or a driving license. Just put on your bike helmet and you’re off and riding!

AXL-technical.com is our acoustics, audio, and communications systems consulting solutions.

For many years we have worked in sound and acoustics. This division extends our professional and engineered audio experience and adds both renewable energy solutions as well as passive acoustical treatment systems.

We have designed custom sound and noise treatments for many different venues. We incorporate the treatment to match the decor to maintain the beauty of our space. Why live with bad acoustics in your home of office? It is proven that a noisy room causes fatigue and illness. Call centres, offices and shops all benefit from not only a great environment, but also less staff turnover has been documented.

Garden-Designer.ca is our solar garden lighting and ambient noise solutions. Do you have a problem with traffic noise, or a noisy air conditioning compressor outside your home, or how about a neighbour who likes to watch blockbuster films with full cinema surround? We can help.

Want to get the most out of your garden? How about a solar lighting system that highlights your garden after sunset?  How about a solar powered irrigation system? A professionally designed solar powered garden system is waiting for you. Just give us a call and we will design the perfect lighting system for you. And it’s all solar powered!

More Information

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